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As you will see from the banner, in light of various statements and communications from the Forensic Science Regulator, we are no longer accepting new instructions for criminal casework in England or Wales. This was not an easy decision to make, but the costs associated with defending any possible non-compliance complaints are simply too high for a small business to bear, no matter whether or not such complaints are justified. (We have not been the subject of any such complaints, but are no longer prepared to take the risk of having to defend a mendacious complaint. The cost of accreditation would exceed our annual turnover.) 

The FSR Act does not require accreditation, but the FSR is, as far as we are concerned, giving very strong hints that he is looking for test cases...

We remain happy to discuss assisting with research projects, technique & method development, quality issues, and corporate or civil cases. We are also happy to give opinion and advice, usually free of charge, to legal representatives.

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