n-gate ltd: forensic science services


22nd-26th October

n-gate ltd.'s princiapl scientist, Angus Marshall, will be attending the ISO/IET SC27 meeting in Rome in his role as both UK lead expert on digital forensics and editor of the new ISO/IEC 27041 and 27042 standards. He will also be co-reporting on the possibility of developing new standards for e-discovery.

3rd and 4th October 2012

Angus Marshall, n-gate ltd.'s principal scientist, gave a keynote speech at the Law Enforcement Mobile Phone Examiners' Workshops. He provided an update on key developments in Forensic Science Regulation and ISO standards.

7th July 2011

n-gate ltd. has issued a warning about voicemail security in the wake of the "mobile phone hacking" issue. Report in the Northern Echo

16th June 2011

Angus Marshall will be speaking at the Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG) workshop on Internet Investigations on 21st July 2011 in Stockport. He will address practical issues raised by the adoption of the Forensic Science Regulator's Codes of Conduct and Practice, and the possible impact of future ISO standards for digital forensics.

8th June 2011

Angus and Shirley Marshall (directors of n-gate ltd.)will be speaking at Middlesbrough Central Library on Monday 13th June as part of the Middlesbrough Literary Festival.

Come along to get an insight into real forensic science in the modern world.

25th May 2011

n-gate ltd. has been selected to be an authorised investigator for Digital Forensic Insurance Services, whose policies are underwritten by Zurich Insurance.

We are delighted to be part of the national network of investigators who will be providing services to businesses should the worst happen, and delighted to support the work of DFIS and Zurich in their innovative approach to dealing with business risk.

At n-gate ltd., we know how dependent most businesses are on their IT systems and how severely impacted they can be if the systems are subjected to attacks or if corporate data is copied and leaked to third parties.

We also know how costly it can be for SMEs to engage in proper investigations. We believe that the approach being taken by DFIS will help all businesses to improve their information security and minimise their losses if the worst happens.

Having insurance of this type in place is just one aspect of the Business Forensic Readiness process in which we believe all companies should engage.

Please contact us for more information.